Awesome Scripts, a Free Course and Image of the Month

First things first, a new course and it is completely free!

It’s called Introduction To 3ds Max: The Quickest Way. The class shows you the very basics of 3ds Max, how to navigate, create objects, basic lighting and rendering. 

It is basically the foundation for the other 3 courses that are available. So even if you are up to speed with 3ds Max it still maybe worth watching, as there are tips that could speed up your workflow.

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One of the main things that enable me to make more classes and put more time into the Facebook group is the Udemy ratings. The more 5 star ratings I get the more people see the class and the more students sign up. So I would be massively appreciative if you could review the class and any others you have taken.

Luxury Visuals Student Group

We discuss this in the comments

We discuss this in the comments

The Luxury Visuals Academy group has been buzzing with questions and ideas. Here are just a few highlights. Join the Facebook group and see all the action and read the highlights.

Luxury Visuals Academy

The comments on this great question are superb

The comments on this great question are superb


Image of the month goes to Eric Ng Jien Yee

Eric is a student of the both Interior with Vray and Corona courses. Eric wins a copy of the Exterior Visualisation with 3ds Max: The Quickest Way for this image he posted to the Luxury Visuals Academy group. 


2 scripts to check out

Flopitor is an advanced version of the copy and paste script I recommend Copitor. This script lets you copy and paste between 3ds Max scenes. Click here for the download link. Look in the comments for the changes and download link from by Locke.

Need help installing or using Flopitor/Copitor? Check out this video I made.

Model+Model have released ReDeform which is sure to speed up your workflow. ReDeform is a 3ds Max plugin that re-scales objects in real world units. The video below will show you what that means.

Watch This!

The amazing Beauty and The Bit released LANDMARK: The Journey on Vimeo which is incredible. But even more fascinating is the Making of

Course Discounts

Finally here are all the classes for you to check out at a discount.


Don’t forget to check out the Bonus Lectures at the end of the Interior 3D Rendering with 3ds Max + Vray : The Quickest Way Course.

Render on!