3D Artist Masterclass at BFX Festival

Last month I gave a Workshop at BFX Festival in Bournemouth. I was invited by 3D Artist magazine to host one of their Masterclass's. I gave a 90-minute presentation on Interior Visualisation Workflow in the real world. The masterclass focused on interior visualisation, lighting, workflow, and post-production in Photoshop.

The class gained a good understanding of the workflow I use to create 3D Visualisations and how to implement this to streamline there own workflows. It covered how to...

  • Speed up and systemising your workflow.
  • Price your work.
  • Quickly source high-quality assets.
  • Use render elements to boost your final image.
  • and a host of tips and tools to make your life easier.

I am currently in Bali and heading to Bangkok next week for Siggraph Asia, if you will be there let's grab a coffee. 

I am working on the best way to get the presentation out to more people, maybe a recording or even more live classes. If you are interested in seeing the class or having me present it then let me know in the comments below.