How and Why to Use 32 Bit in 3D Renders - 32 bit workflow Photoshop tutorial

I meet Joonas on the island of Koh Phangan, whilst I was recording the Interior Visualisation course. Recently we have been collaborating on some exciting VR projects. Joonas said I should be using 32 bit. Many people had said this before, and when Joonas said it as well I knew it was finally time to work out how and why? The big file sizes and the limited post production tools had made me resist until now.

Joonas explained it to me and I was so impressed I asked him to make a video about how and why to use 32 bit in 3D Renders. Joonas starts by explaining a little bit of theory and then move on to a practical example. And here it is... so over to Joonas.

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Hey, I'm Jake. I am a 3D Visualisation Render Artist and CGI Consultant. 

Over the years I have been blessed to have worked on extraordinary projects with dream clients from all around the world. From Super Yachts in Monaco to Private Jets and Luxury Apartments in London.

I now like travelling the world whilst freelancing, writing about 3D, teaching through my video training and giving talks.