Vray Embree, EUE write ups, The Rule of Thirds and Britney Spears

An update of a few useful things knocking around the community this month.
Jorge Baldeon's post Britney Spears Big Fat Bass Backdrop Making Of on his blog jorgebaldeoncg.blogspot.com is well worth a read, especially if you are a Mental Ray user. He talks about how he went about creating the background animations for Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour using Mental Ray and 3ds Max.

Samuel Enslin, who I meet at EUE this year has done a write up of some of the talks that went on there at www.insertmesh.net. This was very useful for me as with so many great talks going on it is impossible to make it to all of them.
Ciro Sannino's blog post on The Rule Of Thirds In 3ds Max over at Cg Blog is a great read and very useful for working out how to get the best shots from your 3d models.
Finally, if you want to speed up your renderings in Vray check out Vray Embree. It can speed up your Vray renderings by up to 30%. Definitly check it out, it is very simple to use. Watch the video below for more info.