Sable Vivant, Brighton White Night


It was White Night Nuit Blaunche here in Brighton on Saturday night. It was great fun, one of the highlights was getting to use Sable Vivant's project - Third Eye. whitenight "ThirdEye is a simple and portable motion capture. Although we have originally designed as a tool for analysis of sign language, we quickly found that this base allowed us to many other applications. This extension of the project resulted in several devices. An example of these applications is the installation that we call 3D and calligraphy that allows for real-time enrollment in a three-dimensional space. The calligraphic gesture is released from the constraints of paper and took possession of the third dimension. Beyond its attractive technology, the installation invites the viewer to continue his action in a virtual space, blurring the boundaries between the real world and that of numerical simulation."                                                                                                                            Sable Vivant - Third Eye