Fed Up of having to Rasterize your Image in Photoshop?

Fed Up of having to Rasterize your Image in Photoshop?

It has taken me way to long to get this tip out there but I here goes. Whenever I drag an image into Photoshop is doesn't allow me to edit it until I Rasterize the smart object. There is a way to 'Auto Rasterize' an image when it is dragged into photoshop so you don't have to do it each time. You can change this in Preferences and then you will no longer have to go through the pop up message, added up this could save some time.

Harpers Bazaar and a BMW rendered in Corona A7

HP Spread 1

A couple of pieces to report this month, firstly I went to EUE in Utrecht back in June, as usual it was great to catch up with the CG heads and learn lots of interesting things about 3D. Particular highlights were meeting Eric de Broche of Luxigon fame and Nils Norgrens from Neoscape's talk on leadership and starting a company. Write up coming soon. Whilst I was at EUE I bumped into Adam Hotovy who was kind enough to give me an early release of Corona A7. I took it for a spin with the new BMW i7. Corona is unbelievabley easy to use, get the conversion script from the forum and pretty much hit render and your good. I left it overnight and this is what I got, I did some minor color adjustments in Photoshop, but here that is now built in to the release version.



Harpers Bazaar also did a piece on the super yacht I have been working on recently. The images they used included a double page spread and some older interior images.




Expose 11 - Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe




I am extremely proud to say I am in this years Expose from Ballistic Publishing. I am very happy to be featured next to the best artists in the world. This year had over 8000 images submitted from 58 countries. My image the Red VW Camper can be seen in the Transport section of the book. You can see more of my publications here. The Red VW Camper is available for download over on Turbosquid.

Photoshop Brush Smoothness

I always had a problem when painting with a hard brush in Photoshop. I found that the default would leave spaces. I never looked into fixing this until today, I used to go over the same area a few times. Not very productive I know.


In Photoshop open the Brush Tab by selecting Window - Brush or pressing F5. In there with the Hard Brush selected change the spacing to 1% rather than 25%. And there you are, a nice smooth brush.

To save the new brush hit New Brush Preset and OK.


Then hit Brush Preset (top left of the pop-out) Preset Manage and move the new brush to where you want.

Then you can save the new set. brush1

Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

photoshop-logoAdobe Photoshop CS6 Beta is available to download here. "The world’s best digital image editing software is about to get even better. Explore Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 beta for a sneak preview of some of the incredible performance enhancements, imaging magic, and creativity tools we are working on. Discover for yourself why Photoshop CS6 software will be a whole new experience in digital image editing."

In this video Julieanne Kost goes through her 6 favourite new features in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Photoshop and Wacom Tablet tips

I have been doing a lot of post production work in Adobe Photoshop with my Wacom tablet recently. A couple of things I came across that I thought might be useful to share.  

image_2c92df24-3465-4d9d-b1b9-6139332f25cd1. Ring when tapping in Photoshop with a tablet. This can become very annoying. I believe it comes as default in Windows 7. This is how I got rid of the problem in Windows 7 x64 bit.

-In the Control Panel search for Edit group policy.photoshop pen ring tablet press windows -In here you need to go to administrative templates, windows components, tablet pc, cursors, turn off pen feedback. -In this window change from not configured to enabled.  -Click OK and your done. Update: There is a lot more information on this subject here.

Layer Masks2. Add a Layer mask shortcut. I am constantly using layer masks and do get feed up of going all the way to the bottom of the Layers pallete to click the button. In Photoshop there is no default shortcut. To add a shortcut click Edit, Keyboard Shortcuts, under Layer Mask> add a shortcut key (I used Ctrl+Q) to Reveal All.

Photoshop CS6

Adobe have realeased 6 sneak peek videos on Youtube of the upcoming Photoshop CS6. Video 4 'Content-Aware' was of most interest to me. In the video Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes demonstrates how to move or remove an object from an image using the content- aware tool. See below for the other 4 videos.

Fix Your Photo’s Exposure Problems in Seconds With This Simple Trick from Lifehacker

Life Hacker
A great tip here from the guys at lifehacker to fix exposure problems really quickly.

    • Open up the photo and duplicate the layer containing it.
    • Invert the duplicated layer. (The shortcut is Control/Command+I in Photoshop and is likely the same in other image editors.)
    • Set the duplicated layer's blending mode to Overlay.

  • Optional: Reduce the opacity of the duplicated layer if the effects are too much.
  • Optional: Merge the two layers and adjust the levels or curves to suit your taste. (If you're in Photoshop, you can just make a new adjustment layer to do this.)