Hyperlapse Tutorial - How To


What is a Hyperlapse? A good Hyperlapse Tutorial and applying it to 3D.

Hyperlapse photography is very similar to timelapse photography. To create both timelapse and hyperlapse photography you take still shots at regular intervals. Where it differs is time-lapse shows the passing of time from a fixed point. Where as with a Hyperlapse the camera is moving. These images are then combined in a movie editing software to create a video.

Here is a video tutorial on how to create hyperlapse photography.  Griffin from the Indy Mogul, a  DIY movie making channel, talks to film makers  Chris and Oliver. They explain the techniques they use to capture shots with just a tripod and camera. This particular hyperlapse technique requires a lot of trial and error, but the outcome can be stunning.

For 3D Artists timelapse video is much easy to capture. In many 3D applications you can select a camera, click key frame and move your camera. Render out your frames. Then using a zdepth pass you can change the focus on your shots in adobe after effects or similar program.

Z Depth Pass for Hyperlapse Photography and Rendering
Z Depth Pass for Hyperlapse Photography and Rendering

The hyperlapse video is used regularly in 3D architectural visualisation. One of the best architectural visualisations to date is Alex Roman's The Third and The Seventh. Watch the full length video below in full screen. The Third and The Seventh Book will be arriving soon so keep an eye on

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Hyperlapses take a lot of time for a small amount of output. It has been compared to stop-motion meeting time-lapse photography. The results can be incredible for those who have the time and patience. Any other good hyperlapse or timelapse photography examples or tutorials drop them in the comments below.