Palmer Johnson 3D Yacht App


I am happy to introduce the interactive 3D Yacht App created for Palmer Johnson. Available on the Apple App Store and free to download to Ipad and Iphone devices.

The SuperSport series is so unique that in our minds it definitely warranted the production of an app to show what makes these new yachts so special. The application contains exclusive content and is the perfect way to enjoy the many features the SuperSport has to offer and understand the design and build philosophy behind the series.

Main360-Interiors Turntables

Next generation design and fresh experiential yachting lifestyle are experienced through the rotating exteriors and the 360 interior views.


The app includes handy marketing information. Ideal for brokers to present the yacht to their clients in a truly unique way, sure to produce maximum impact.


 There is a gallery of images for each of  these stunning carbon fibre yachts as well as layouts and brief specifications.


The App allows you to understand and view the fundamental principals that make this yacht series unique.


You can get the Interactive Palmer Johnson app on the Apple App Store. Download now

3ds Max Cleaner, Remove Missing Plugins and a cool iPhone App and More

Here are a few things I have learnt this month.unlink1. If you can not Group objects in 3ds Max then with the objects selected hit the unlink button on the left of the main toolbar. Then try and group it and it should work. This happens to me when I import files from AutoCAD and other software. 2. Camera Converter. To quickly add cameras I hit Ctrl+C in the 3ds Max viewport this is great when selecting views with others. But if you are using Vray it can be a pain to line the Vray Physical Camera up. This is where Anything to Physcam from Lele's Vray Tools on script spot is really great. There is a good video on how to use it from Alex over at Vray-Studio.

3. Cleaner. I was having trouble with a scene that was taking ages to load and save. I also had to turn off autoback and it really got hard to work with. Then I found Cleaner on script spot. This amazing tool got my file down from around 1gb to 200mb! touchmouse2-245x3004. Remove Missing Plug-ins. I started to use Rebus Farm and I had a plug-in that Rebus did not. They are quite good with having Plug-ins but I could not send it until I sorted it. This can be quite a pain to resolve, but not with Remove Missing Plugins from Martin Breidt. Really easy to use and extremely useful.

5. How to setup Depth of Field in 3ds Max. A great reminder on setting up a DOF pass in 3ds Max from Onno Van Braam.

6. Wireless Trackpad and Keyboard iPhone App. This great app from Logitech turns your iPhone into a mouse and you can type to. This is handy when watching films on the TV from the laptop and not wanting to have to move.

New Multi Control App, 3D Connextion, Wacom and the Ipad

Maide Inc have come up with this great way of using the ipad and iphone with 3ds Max and Maya.


I saw this metioned on Evermotion in their monthly newsletter and gave it a go at work. Not being an Ipad or Iphone user the intuitive functionality did not come as easy as if I had experience with the 2 devices. The Maide Control needed a bit of a learning curve but does have a lot of potential. I got very excited and thought about purchasing an Ipad instead of the Space Pilot Pro I have been dreaming of for a while now. I am currently using the Space Navigator and a Wacom Intuos 3

I started looking into Ipad/Wacom alternatives, there was not as many as I thought there would be. I found a few things of interest then I stumbled upon this actually made by Wacom. So being very comfortable and happy with both my Space Navigater and Wacom, but being due an upgrade at some point this year is it worth combining the 2 and having only one device on the desk, plus having all the other functions the ipad has? Is it worth the learning curve? Or should I look at this as great potential and go for what I know and love. I have been looking for an excuse to get an Ipad for a while now and as I am looking for a mobile phone contract to use in Monaco, maybe an Ipad could be the way to go instead of an Iphone.